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Andrew Rainey Electrical is a company focused on delivering the best solutions to your electrical needs. We'll work with you to create the optimum outcome every time. 

At Andrew Rainey Electrical we want you to be 100% satisfied with our work and service. 


  • New builds

  • Home renovations large or small

  • All light and power solutions

  • Level 2 & Metering 

  • Mains cable upgrades

  • Switch board replacements and upgrades

  • Safety circuit breakers

  • Hot water solutions

  • Energy efficiency solutions

  • Home automation

  • 3M commercial and residential window films - Sun Control, Energy Saving and Security.


Call Now for our no obligation Visual Wiring Inspection to asses the electrical safety of your home.

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Visual Wiring Inspection

Call now and take advantage of this special offer. For just $90.oo, we will conduct a safety inspection on the wiring in your home and ensure your safety devices meet the current safety wiring standards.

Call Now  -  0400 400 625 for a no obligation wiring inspection. 

Energy Audit

Call now and take advantage of our special offer.For just $95.oo we will conduct an audit on the efficiency of the products and appliances that use energy in your home and provide you with a no obligation solution to reduce your energy consumption. 

Call Now  -  0400 400 625

Solar Energy

Solar energy is free energy. Using solar energy will save you money, that is a fact! Explore your options with solar energy and call now to book in a no obligation quote -  0400 400 625 

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

We can secure your home with keyless entry.

Call now  -  0400 400 625 

Garden Lighting

For entertaining or even finding the front door late at night carefully placed low output lighting and controls are a must. 

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We do all work and provide all power solutions across all areas to help your business be number One.


  • Display lighting

  • General lighting

  • Communications and data cabling

  • Energy efficiency solutions

  • Hot water solutions

  • Safety circuit breakers

  • All testing services 

  • Power assessment and load requirement studies

  • Machinery cabling and connections

  • Mains cable upgrades for medium and large usage customers.

  • Switch board replacements and upgrades

  • Communications and data cabling

  • Energy efficiency solutions

ARain Electrical is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

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Total Home Security

We install a large range of alarm system , whatever your requirement may be. We aim to fullfill your safety needs.

Call Now - 0400 400 625 


Home Automation system

One of the most highly recommended ways to save energy is with home automation. You can access some systems remotely so you'll never have to worry if you left the iron on again. Call Now - 0400 400 625  

Custom Surveillance Systems

We install remote log in surveillance equipment so you can put your mind at ease no matter where you are with smart phone log in.

Call Now - 0400 400 625 

Smoke Alarms

Peace of mind! Install a quality, mains connected smoke detector in your home. Smoke detectors save lives!

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